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Coaxial Cables - Looking Into Their Benefits

Posted by Admin on October, 16, 2013

Coaxial Cables are the latest addition to the high performance transmission lines. There is a core conductor covered with a tubular insulating layer in every Coaxial Cable. The insulating cover is again wrapped with a conductor and the whole set is lastly covered with another strong insulator. Coaxial Cables are so named, owing to the core conductor and tubular conducting shield sharing the same geometrical axis. These cables find a number of applications as transmission lines for the radio frequency signals, as feedlines for linking radio transmitters, for cable television signal distribution, etc.

Benefits of Coaxial Cables:

  • Negligible Signal Leakage – The signal is transferred by the core conductor in a Coaxial Cable. The tubular layer of an insulator serves the purpose of a dielectric. Current transfer creates an electric and magnetic field but those get confined to the dielectric insulator. Therefore Coaxial Cables offer minimum signal leakage. This has led to the extensive demand and use of Coaxial Cables to transfer highly secured signals.
  • Low Interference – The outer magnetic as well as electric fields are also prevented by the dielectric insulator to interfere with the transferred signal. Again a shield of high safety that there remains no possibility of deliberate or incidental signal alteration.
  • Environmental Sustenance – Due to double layers of protection, Coaxial Cables can efficiently transfer signals in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Wide Range of Frequency – Signals of varied frequency and different speeds can be easily transferred through Coaxial Cables.
  • Safety – The last layer of strong insulator and the mesh cover of secondary conductor offer high resistance against heat in Coaxial Cables.
  • Long Distance Transfer – Coaxial Cables have already proved their mark for transferring data across far off distances.

Based in Karnataka (India), K M CABLES & CONDUCTORS is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Fire Survival Cables. It offers a wide range of Coaxial Cables at market leading prices. It is one of the leading Rubber Insulated Electric Wire Manufacturers In India. For more information please visit www.xlpecables.com.

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