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Jelly Filled Cable

Posted by Admin on December, 24, 2013

Jelly Filled Cables are used in underground applications and comprise of polythene that insulates the conductors. The spaces between the conductors is filled with petroleum jelly and hence the name. Why petroleum jelly? Petroleum jelly prevents the penetration of moisture or water vapor to the core; this helps in restricting damages and short-circuits.

In a Jelly Filled Cable, to ensure proper identification of the cable, proper information is embossed on the polythene jacket. The marking on the polythene jacket is usually white or yellow in color and may specify:

  • Name of the Manufacturer
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Cable Drum Number

Construction Of A Jelly Filled Cable

A Jelly Filled Cable is made up for the following components:

  • Polythene Outer Jacket
  • Galvanized Steel Tape
  • Polythene Tape
  • Inner Sheath
  • Poly-Laminated Tape
  • Core Wrapping Tape
  • Polythene Insulated Copper Conductor

Polythene Outer Jacket: Polythene Outer jacket is the outermost covering of an armored cable that is tightly secured with polythene. This jacket is circular and free from pin holes or any other sort of defects. It is the outer sheath that protects the inner covering of the wire.

Galvanized Steel Tape: Beneath the outer jacket lie two layers of galvanized steel tape that protects the inside sheathed cable. Each layer of the galvanized steel tape is applied in a spiral form pointing towards the same direction.

Polythene Tape: Beneath the galvanized steel tape is a helix mesh of polythene lapping the inner sheath. This is done to ensure proper bedding to the internal component.

Polythene Inner Sheath: The cable core is completed through a layer of petroleum jelly, incorporated with poly laminated taped sheath surrounding the laminating tape.

Poly-Laminated Tape: A polythene coated aluminum tape is applied on the core of the wire to protect the petroleum jelly filled inside the core.

Petroleum Jelly: The cable core consists of a water resistant petroleum jelly that protects moisture from seeping in to the insulated conductor.

Polythene Insulated Copper Conductor: At the core of the wire, is an electric conductor that transmits electric current. Conductor generally consists of a round wire made from highly conductive material.

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