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Coaxial Cables

Recognized as one of the reputed Belden Coaxial Cable Suppliers in India, we present a wide range of this cable that includes Belden Coaxial Cable, RG 6 Coaxial Cables and RG 11 Coaxial Cables. These cables are used for transmitting high frequency signals and data such as radio frequency signals. Being high density wiring cables, they feature an inner conductor enclosed by a tubular insulating layer, which is again surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. The cables are protected by an outer insulating jacket. Moreover, counted amid the well-known Coaxial Cables Manufacturers, we offer them in various sizes and thicknesses as per the customers requirements. These Cables also endow with protection of the signals from external electromagnetic interference.


Appreciated For

  • Transmit mitting high frequency signals and data
  • Use of Premium insulating materials
  • High density wiring
  • Long life

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