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Shielded Instrumentation Cable

Shielded Instrumentation Cable is mainly functional in applications where the wire is subjected to mechanical damage and corrosive chemicals. This cable is perfect for digital control, measuring and communication systems. Being a fire retardant wiring solution, our cable is used in computer networking, PA systems, and data acquisition systems. It uses double-insulated stranded tinned copper wires with overall shield construction. It is made specially to transmit signals without any external interference. Conductor sizes used in manufacturing are of 0.25/0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5/4.0 sq. mm, conforming to BS: 5308 - I & II, IEC-189, IS: 1554 - I: 88, VDE 0815. We are one of the promising Shielded Instrumentation Cable Manufacturers in Karnataka, India.



  • Perfect for heavy Data transmission
  • No interference of signals
  • Used for digital control


Core : From Single core/ single pair to 100core or 50 pair



  • Conductor : Solid / Stranded / Flexible copper (bare / tinned)
  • Insulation : PVC HR; PE, LSZH
  • Shielding : individual & overall or overall screen only by Al-mylar tape / copper tape / copper wire braid
  • Inner sheath : PVC  HR / FR / FRLS; PE, LSZH
  • Armour (for armoured cables) : Galvanized steel round wire / strip
  • Outer sheath : PVC  HR / FR / FRLS; PE, LSZH