K M Cables & Conductors

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Jelly Filled Telephone Cables

Well-recognized as one of the most dependable Jelly Filled Telephone Cables Manufacturers & Suppliers in India, we offer a wide array of cables as per the requirement of our clients. The range includes Polythene (Solid/Foam/Foam Skin) Insulated Jelly Filled Telephone Cables (5 Pair to 400 pair) Overhead Cables & Wires Aerial Cables, PCM Cables, Optical Fiber Cables Central Loose Tube, Slotted Core and Aerial Optical Fiber Cables. These Jelly Filled Telephone Cables are manufactured by drawing copper in a uniform manner. These cables are extensively used in telephone wiring, transmission of digital signals of 2 Mb/s, Trunk & Junction Network, T.V. distribution, data links, telemetry and short span aerial applications on existing open-air alignment network.



  • Solid round Copper conductor
  • Twisted pair cable-with solid/foam/foam skin
  • Jelly filled, polythene sheathed

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